FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

Q: Can I use my debit /Credit card for booking a flight from Eco Trippers?
A: Yes, you can book a flight with any type of local or international card, Debit, or Credit Card.

Q: What is the process of canceling a purchased ticket?
A: Cancellation and refund policies differ from airlines to airlines. However, if your purchased flight can be canceled, we will charge you as per the airline policy, plus a service fee of BDT 1,500 per PAX for international Air Tickets and BDT 500 per PAX for Bangladeshi domestic Air Tickets (During covid BDT 500 for international and BDT 300 for domestic). We will be following the airline's refund policy. The airline has the right to change any policy at any time; Eco Trippers has no control over the airline's policy.

Q: Can I call Eco Trippers directly to make a booking?

A: Yes. Eco Trippers offers phone assistance is ready to meet your travel needs. Please contact our Customer Service team at +8809678114455.

Q: What is the process of changing the date of the flight?
A: Change of date depends on the airline policy. If the airline allows changing of the flight date we charge the airline's date change fee plus the fare difference of your changed date from a previously purchased date and a service fee of BDT 500 per PAX for any international Air Ticket and BDT 300 per PAX for any Bangladeshi domestic Air Ticket. The airline has the right to change any policy at any time, Eco Trippers has no control over the airline's policy.

Q: How do I book an infant fare?

A: Only one infant (Up to 24 months) is allowed to travel as a lap child per adult (over 18 years). Infants traveling internationally will be required to pay a percentage of the adult fare (in most circumstances), plus taxes, and carry a paper ticket even though they are traveling on the adult's lap. 

Q: When will I get my refund?

A: Refunds, if applicable, will immediately be submitted to our bank. From the submission/refund date banks generally, take up to 15 Banking days to process the refund payment and transfer the funds into a customer’s account. Please note, some banks can take up to 10-12 Banking weeks or until the next billing cycle. The refund should be converted to your local currency by your credit card company.

Q: What is a Service fee?

A: Cancellation and refund policies differ from airlines to airlines. However, if your purchased flight can be canceled, we will charge you as per the airline policy, plus a service fee of BDT 1,500 per PAX for international Air Tickets. In the case of Bangladeshi Domestic Air tickets, ShareTrip's refund and date change service fee is BDT 500 and BDT 300 per PAX respectively. We will be following the airline's refund policy. The airline has the right to change any policy at any time; Eco Trippers has no control over the airline's policy

Q: Is there any option to make the payment later for online booking?
A: We are sorry to inform you that, it is not possible for us to book the flight tickets for you. You need to purchase the tickets online instantly by paying the amount. 

Q. Can I have a hard-copy receipt sent by post?
A: We do not send hard copy receipts by post. We will send you an e-mail containing all of your booking details and confirmation. But if you want a hard-copy then you can come to our office and we will provide the hard-copy for you.

Q: Can I make a name change to my flights?

A: All reservations must be made in the EXACT name of the person traveling - no nicknames. For domestic and international travel, the name on the reservation must be EXACTLY as it appears on the traveler's government-issued identification or passport. Airlines do not allow name changes. However, in case you have made some error in spelling the name, please contact our Customer Service team at +8809678114455.

Q: If I purchase through a card, will it cost any extra charge?
A: If you make an online purchase through your card then no extra charge will be added but if you want to swipe your card then for Visa and MasterCard ____% bank charge will be added and for Amex, ____% bank charge will be added.

Q: How do I select my seats?

A: You can request seat assignments at the time of booking. When submitting traveler details during the booking process, please select "Seat Preference" in the additional requests area
Please note: Some airlines now charge for seat assignments and many airlines restrict pre-assigning of seats. Some airlines may only assign seats 90 days prior to the flight departure.
Bulkhead and emergency exit row seating are controlled by the airline and cannot be pre-assigned. These seats may be blocked by the airlines and held for check-in at the airport on the day of departure.

Q: If the fare increase after I book the ticket what will happen?
A: You have to pay the price difference if the fare of your booked ticket goes up. Otherwise, we will refund you the amount.

Q: Can I book a domestic flight?
A: Yes, we provide both domestic and international flight services. Please let us know your travel plan so that we can assist you to find the flight details.

Q: Can I make a reservation arriving in one city and returning from another?

A: Yes. This is a multi-city option. Our booking engine allows you to search fares in many different ways such as flying into one city and returning from another. Please click on the "Multiple Cities" tab on the "Flight Search" screen to book your itinerary.

Q: What is the maximum number of travelers that I can book online in one reservation?

A: You may book up to a total of nine passengers on a Seven reservation. If you have more than nine travelers, then contact our Customer Service team at +8809678114455.

Q: Why did the airfare increase from the last time I checked?
A: Airfare fluctuates without prior notice according to airline policy. Unless you purchase the flight we cannot assure you that the airfare will remain the same.

Q. How much will it cost to arrange a wheelchair?
A: Please let us know where you need the wheelchair. The cost of it will vary depending on the airport. After getting the information we will contact the concerned person to know the cost.

Q. May I know about baggage details?
A: You may know the baggage of a particular flight from our website. Simply search for your desired flight and then click book now. You’ll find a section called Baggage Policy in the booking page.


Q: Are the room rates per person or per room?
A: Room rates are displayed per room, not per person.

Q: Do the room rates include tax and service charges?
A: Yes, the room rates are inclusive of all kinds of tax and service charges.

Q: Why is there more than one rate for the same room type?
A: Different rates can be seen because of special discounts and promotions. 

Q: How do I know if a discount has been given?
A: Discounted price will be shown beside the room price.

Q: What does it mean by “Non-refundable” stated next to my room type mean?
A: Non-refundable means, that a particular room price is not refundable, once purchased.

Q: Can I add an extra bed/baby cot in my room?
A: Yes, you can add an extra bed/baby cot in your room, you need to notify us before getting the services. Please note that some properties charge a fee for these services.

Q: Can I make a booking for a check-in date of today on the website?
A: As long as a hotel room can be found available on our website, you can book that.

Q: How can I check for budget hotels?
A: To find the budget hotels, search for hotels on your desired destinations, and then select the filter “Lowest Price” from the top right corner of the page.

Q: Is there an additional charge for children when sharing a room with their parents?
A: Most properties allow children under the age of 12 to share rooms with their parents. However, some hotels may charge a fee for that.

Q: What should I do if I would like to book more than 4 rooms?
A: You have to make an additional booking in case you need more than 4 rooms. However, you can also contact us prior to booking, as you might not get the same rate for two different bookings.

Q: Where can I find the cancellation policy?
A: Cancellation policy can be found in room details. You will find a Cancellation Policy option for each of the room types.

Q: Why has the room rate changed?
A: Hotel rates are variable and can be changed anytime by the hotelier. 

Q: What is the refund policy?
A:  We will be following as per the supplier's refund policy.

Q: Are the prices for two people?
A: No, the holiday prices are shown for one person. But the prices are available for a minimum of two people traveling together. 

Q: Can I get a refund for any unutilized service?
A: No, you cannot get a refund for any unutilized service, if you have already used part of the itinerary provided.
Q: What are the cancellation policies?
A: If you cancel the holiday 15 Days prior to the Travel Date - 50 % of the Total Package Cost will be deducted, in case of cancellation 10 days prior to the Travel Date - 75 % of the Total Package Cost will be deducted, 100% of Package Cost will be Non-Refundable in case of holiday cancellation 05 Days prior to the Travel Date.

Q: Can I customize any holiday?
A: Yes, you can customize any holiday as per your requirement. Give a call to our Customer Support for any customization request, or send a mail to
Q: Are holiday prices constant?
A: No, holiday prices can change with airfare and hotel price fluctuations. Also, the holiday rate is not applicable for Black Out Periods like Durga Puja, Eid, New Year's, Christmas, or Long Weekends.
Q: Can I change the itinerary, once purchased?
A: Amendment on itinerary depends on availability. You need to contact us at least 72 hours in advance for any amendment request.

Q. Do you process student/business/work visas?

A. Right now Eco Trippers only process tourist/travel visas and do not process/assist in student/business/work visas. 

Q. Do you provide assistance for a Schengen visa?

A. Yes, we provide visa assistance for most of the first world countries including Schengen countries.

Q. What is a tourist visa? Do I always need a visa to travel to a country?

A: Tourist visa is a limited period visa which is required to travel a country for holiday purpose. It is used for tourist purposes only. A tourist visa is illegal for business activities. Visa formalities depend upon the country to country. For Bangladeshi citizens, some countries allow visas on arrival and for several other countries, a valid pre-approved travel visa is required to enter the country.

Q. What are the documents required to get a travel visa?

A: Basic documents required for a visa are-

  • A valid passport (minimum validity for 7 months)
  • visa application,
  • passport size photos and visa fees,
  • bank statement showing that you have the necessary funds to complete your journey.
  • But in some cases, additional documents are required such as a driving license, police verification certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, office/student ID card,
  • No Objection Certificate (based on individual applicant’s profile).
  • Some countries also require a copy of your travel ticket, accommodation proof, and the local tour operator’s address.

Q. What do you mean by a valid passport?

A: Valid passport means the original passport with a validity of a minimum of seven (07) months after the intended date of departure and a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamp along with the old passport.

Q.Is it necessary to have the picture on a white background?

A: It is a requirement from most countries to have a picture in white background, so to be on the safe side we suggest our clients have a picture in white background with white borderline. Please note photograph should not be more than 3 months old and should not be used in any other previous visas.

Q. What should be the duration of the bank statement?

A: It depends on the country for which you are applying for the visa but in general, most of the countries require a recent 06(six) months bank statement.

Q. Who will manage the travel tickets, hotel bookings?

A. Eco Trippers team will manage bookings of travel tickets & hotel bookings for visa applications if the visa requests are processed through Eco Trippers.

Q. I haven’t booked my flight tickets. Can I apply for a visa?

A : Yes you can apply, Eco Trippers will manage the ticket bookings for you if it is required for your visa submission.

Q. What is the cost to have a visa?

A: It depends on the countries where you apply for a visa. For Bangladeshi citizens, a visa fee is required for most of the countries of the world. However, it is waived in some countries where there is a favorable travel arrangement.

Q. Who will fill up the visa application?

A: If you submit your visa application through Eco Trippers then the Eco Trippers team will file your visa request and process it for your visa application submission. Eco Trippers charges a service fee for the processing of individual files as per the country you are applying for.

Q. Who will submit the visa application?`

A. In most of the cases Eco Trippers team will submit the visa application file on behalf of the clients. But for certain countries, clients need to submit their application physically as per the requirement of the Embassies.  

Q. What is the guarantee of getting a visa?

A. Approval/Rejection of visa is completely subject to the decision by the Embassy. Eco Trippers is not liable for rejection of visa as it does not have the authority to decide on the approval/rejection of any type of visa. Visa processing can be delayed in the case when additional documents are required as per the Embassy’s request.

Q. How many days does it takes for processing visa applications?

A: It depends on Embassy Visa Policy and travels time of the year. Usually, for sticker visas, most of the countries take around ten (10) working days and for e-visa it normally takes around five (5) working days.

Q. What is the difference between sticker visa and e-visa? 

A: On the other hand, to apply for a sticker visa you need to submit your physical passport along with all other supporting documents to the Embassy. Upon approval, the embassy will stamp a visa sticker on your passport.

E-Visa is applied and received online. You don’t need to submit your passport or any documents physically and upon approval, you will get your visa via email no sticker will be stamped on your passport. 

Q. Who will manage the Letter of Introduction (LOI) where required?

A: Eco Trippers will manage the Letter of Introduction (LOI) taking necessary information from you if the visa is processed through Eco Trippers.

Q. What is the visa process of e-visa at Eco Trippers?

A : Once a booking is confirmed, we will send a sample format of the Letter of invitation. Mention all the details as conveyed in the sample and share the signed copy. Once we receive a letter of invitation, we will apply for a visa at the embassy. Usually, the embassy takes 4-5 working days for visa approval if additional documents are not required. Once visa(s) is/are approved we will share the e-visa by mail to the applicant.

Q. How will I get my e-Visa?

A: For countries that issue e-visa, we will mail you the e-visa once your visa is approved.

Q. Can I cancel my Visa?

A: Cancellation can only be done till the time documents are not submitted to the embassy. After submission of the visa application, there is no cancellation and refund of the visa Application Fee (provided to the Embassy) and Eco Trippers Processing Fee.

Q. Will, I get a refund if I cancel my visa?

A: If the application is not submitted to the embassy and cancellation is done, we will only refund the visa embassy fee. Eco Trippers Processing Fee is non-refundable. 

Q. In case there is a rejection, can I get a refund?

A: No, you will not be able to get a refund of the Visa Fee and Eco Trippers Processing Fee in case of visa rejection by the Embassy.

Q. Can I reapply if my visa is rejected?

A: Yes, you can reapply depending on your reason for visa rejection and also after completion of a specific time period (if applicable and mentioned in the Embassy visa submission guideline).

Q. What is EMI?
A. EMI is Equated Monthly Installment.

Q. Can I avail EMI for multiple Services?

A:  Yes, you can.

Q.Can I avail of EMI with any debit/prepaid card?
A. No you can only avail of EMI with a credit card issued by supported banks of Eco Trippers. 

Q. What are the supported bank, with whom I can avail EMI from Eco Trippers?
A: You can avail of EMI from Eco Trippers from any of the following banks. 

Q. Is there any interest charge by Eco Trippers?
A:  No. Eco Trippers will not charge any interest, however, a minimal amount of processing fee will be applied as per the respective bank's policy.
Q. What will be the maximum EMI tenure?
A: Maximum EMI tenure is 12 months. However, our customers tend to prefer the 3 and 6 months EMI plans.
Q. What is the minimum and maximum purchase limit with EMI?
A: Minimum purchase limit to avail EMI is BDT 10,000. There is no maximum payment limit of purchase from Eco Trippers for EMI. However, it will depend on your credit card limit.
Q. What if I want to pay early after paying a couple of months?
A: It is possible; however, you need to consult your bank for early settlement.


Q. How can I get Reward Point?

A: From Every Successful purchase you can earn a reward point.

Q. How Can I deem Reward Point?

A: After earning 500 points you can deem reward points from your next purchase.

Q. From Which Products is Eligible for Reward Point?

A: One can be deemed their reward point when they buy the following products from 

           Flight Ticket

           Hotel Booking

          Tour Package

          Travel Accessories

Q. What is the procedure of Reward Points calculation?

 A: Every 100 Tk product Purchase = 1 Reward Point

     1 Reward Point = Tk 01.00 

Q. Which way we can pay?

A.-  You can pay by  Cash/ Debit Card / Credit Card (local & International)/Bank Deposit/Mobile Finance. You can use out Online Payment Getaway for this. 

Q. What is your bank account number ?


Social Investment Bank

The City Bank

Eco Trippers

Eco Trippers

Branch-Shyamoli                                         A/C No: - 1372 33000 1819

Branch-Pallabi                                                A/C No-1502710815001 

Q. Do I need to pay Service charge for  Bkash/ Nagad Payment?

A.- Yes, you have to pay Service charge for Bkash/Nagad Payment.